Poser Week

a weeklong underscord event from july 3rd to july 9th celebrating poserprincess77,
a youtube channel easter egg created on 7/7/21 and previously hidden on

in order to participate in any of the events, you must join the discord server


sunday, july 3rd - among us (4-6pm EDT) hosted by NT

monday, july 4th - b-sides listening party (3pm EDT) hosted by flexii

tuesday, july 5th - minecraft bedwars tournament (4pm EDT) hosted by alex

wednesday, july 6th - underscores lore iceberg (3pm EDT) hosted by quie

thursday, july 7th - community q&a with devon (11am EDT) hosted by finley

friday, july 8th - devon's fav movie (fantastic mr fox) (4pm EDT) hosted by jellytruck

saturday, july 9th - small concert (3pm EDT) hosted by event staff


flatroom !! - 3:00pm

rose giroir - 3:15pm

time date and place - 3:30pm

orachs - 3:45pm

gemini - 4:00pm

starsense - 4:15pm

quedronol - 4:30pm

Arson tutorial (a.k.a vic) - 4:45pm

violet morgana - 5:00pm

balls b2b nuts (flexii b2b f1nley) - 5:15pm

Gliss Disc - 5:30pm

Afraid of the Dark? - 5:45pm


RFLCTNG - 6:15pm

RobClemz - 6:30pm

mei. - 6:45pm

KittyPuppy - 7:00pm

Saint Corinthian - 7:15pm

degu. - 7:30pm

ZxriahKxrolynne - 7:45pm

dynastic - 8:00pm